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    Our vision is a vibrant world of connected stories that bring creativity, happiness & inspiration to people's lives: At Mobflic our goal is to bring the art of storytelling through digital film to young and old.

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    Mobflic Story

    Kai Eris / Founder & CEO

    The idea for Mobflic started back in 2011 and was driven by a need to offer simple and intuitive point, shoot and click capabilities during times of devastation so that impacted users could create compelling stories (videos) that would raise awareness about their plight and motivate people to help. Since then our idea has evolved into a platform that can be used for a wide variety of uses.

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User Experience - Imagine having a professional story teller, script writer, director, editor, music composer and full post-production capabilities in the palm of your hand...

iPhone Stories


Mobflic offers stories based on locations and themes. These stories have been crafted by award-winning story tellers. They turn your everyday activities such as a romantic day at the national gallery or a road trip with mates, into a memorable (and awesome) film.

iPhone Point, Shoot & KAPOW

Point. Shoot. KAPOW!

Each Mobflic story is presented as an interactive script that you download to your smartphone. It’s like having your very own director that provides guidance and advice, not only in terms of the best footage to take but also the significance of your location. You can invite friends to join in the fun and create really great professional-looking film.

Want to see an example of a romantic themed Mobscript? Click here

iPhone Sharing the Love

Create it. Love it. Share it.

Mobflic provides full post-production capabilities. Once you’re done shooting film, hit upload, and Mobflic takes care of editing, adds music, transitions and special effects. So it’s point, shoot and click and you’ve got an awesome story that is now ready to share with friends and family.

Engaging Stories

You’ll love creating and sharing them…

How it works - Mobflic offers event organisers, tourist attractions and brands simple and cost effective user-generated film capabilities.

Ideation & Pre-Production

Mobflic is for event organisers, tourist attractions and brands that are exploring film-based digital marketing strategies.  Our team of professional story tellers, script writers and award winning directors work with your strategic and creative teams to explore ideas and stories worth sharing. We also take care of all facets of pre-production planning.

Production & Post Production

Once we’ve developed the script, our director orchestrates the shoot and our editors work with the footage to build up a ‘rough-cut’ and eventually the final version. We include music, titles, transitions, and branding at key points. Some of the shots are left for your consumers to fill whilst other shots may include archival footage or information that enhances the users experience.

Promotion & Distribution

By enriching activities your consumers love, they’ll include you in their stories. Because Mobflic scripts are created by professional storytellers, script writers, directors & composers the incentive is greater for consumers to download the script. We also think competitions are a great idea for identifying and celebrating awesome user-generated film.

Creative, Simple and Cost Effective

Mobflic turns the film production process on its head.

Interactive Digital Marketing - Mobflic enhances your digital marketing capabilities by offering user-generated film. By giving consumers the ability to inform, engage and interact with the rest of the world through film, Mobflic is all your patrons need to share their experiences at your place online.

Film. Social. Mobile

Did you know that 60% of people watch online videos to help them inform their purchase choices? And that’s not all… videos are expected to constitute more than 85% of traffic on the consumer internet within the next few years. That’s why Mobflic is making online video production accessible to everyone.

Spread the Word

Communication needs of everyday citizens are changing, with dominant shifts in consumer and media trends impacting on the way we interact and market ourselves. Online video is now the communication tool of choice. By downloading our smartphone app, we’re providing a capability so that people can engage and interact through storytelling.

Measuring ROI

To track the success of your user-generated film, Mobflic offers you a secure extranet site that includes a real-time dashboard. This secure dashboard provides standard online marketing metrics including Mobflic quantitative ROI measures that link user-generated video directly to sales. We also include a raft of other metrics as well – from tracking user sentiment to visualising the virility of your consumers digital stories…


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Connect - We're always on the lookout for great projects to work on, awesome stories to tell, and creatives that love digital storytelling and film!  So if you've got a second say "Hello!"

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