How it works - Mobflic offers event organisers, tourist attractions and brands simple and cost effective user-generated film capabilities.

Ideation & Pre-Production

Mobflic is for event organisers, tourist attractions and brands that are exploring film-based digital marketing strategies.  Our team of professional story tellers, script writers and award winning directors work with your strategic and creative teams to explore ideas and stories worth sharing. We also take care of all facets of pre-production planning.

Production & Post Production

Once we’ve developed the script, our director orchestrates the shoot and our editors work with the footage to build up a ‘rough-cut’ and eventually the final version. We include music, titles, transitions, and branding at key points. Some of the shots are left for your consumers to fill whilst other shots may include archival footage or information that enhances the users experience.

Promotion & Distribution

By enriching activities your consumers love, they’ll include you in their stories. Because Mobflic scripts are created by professional storytellers, script writers, directors & composers the incentive is greater for consumers to download the script. We also think competitions are a great idea for identifying and celebrating awesome user-generated film.

Creative, Simple and Cost Effective

Mobflic turns the film production process on its head.