Message in a Bottle - Our heartbroken damsel finds out that the sea isn't always a cruel and lonely place...


Samara Weaving / Damsel | Mobflic / Production

We wanted to create a simple five shot – romantic themed – Mobscript that a couple could use on a day at the beach. Shots 1, 3 & 5 are shown below including helpful tips on how to take the shot. Whilst some users will follow the script we also expect others will create their own individualised versions!! Once all 5 shots are taken the final film is created. An example of the finished product is shown below. Note that we’ve added additional scenes to the final footage, including title and closing credits. Editing includes colour balancing, film ageing, music, transitions and special effects. These are only a subset of the post-production capabilities Mobflic uses. Others include adding branding, including archival footage, links to websites etc…


How to take shot 1

Have your heartbroken damsel sitting some way in the distance. Pan across the beach as shown above in the example footage.

How to take shot 3

Have your damsel throw the bottle away. Make sure to pause a little at the end – as shown in the example footage above*

* you will need that bottle for shot 4!

How to take shot 5

Ah… all is well. In this shot we show the note, which has an updated message, and then the happy face of the damsel. Have a look at our example footage above.